We are kicking things off with the title track, a deep, yet uplifting Italo-House tune: „Down 2 Dance“ is full of sweet chords, perfectly cheesy sax stabs and this catchy vocal cuts we just can’t get out of our head. On „Cultivating Yucca“ Manuel Darquart maintains the Italian vibe but gets even more balearic with warm pads, some muted trumpets and of course: The slight sound of the ocean.

On the flip things get interesting with „Prince Of The Rinse“: Distorted 808s paired with a funky lead that builds up steadily and finally dissolves into a wonderful synth solo. A tune that reminds of the early Funkineven on Apron Records. To round this record off, we invited Londons finest Tech Support to give the title track his remix treatment: He added his signature 80s sound to the original and perfecftly stripped back the tune to its essentials, with gated snare drums and little synth blips. What more can you ask for?!

Bareis + Nicolaus ist ein multimedial arbeitendes Designstudio für visuelle Kommunikation in Stuttgart und Hamburg. Gegründet wurde das Studio von Dipl. Des. Felix Bareis & Dipl. Des. Christian Nicolaus. Als Absolventen der Staatlichen Akademie der Bildenden Künste Stuttgart realisieren wir bereits seit 2011 grafische und experimentelle Projekte zusammen.

Seit 2018 arbeiten wir zusammen mit unseren Kund*innen an unterschiedlichsten Designprojekten in den Bereichen Kunst, Kultur und Wirtschaft. Gemeinsam entwickeln wir eine klare, moderne visuelle Sprache mit dem Fokus auf Materialität und Typografie.

Unser Designprozess zeichnet sich durch eine starke strategisch-konzeptionelle Basis und einer engen Zusammenarbeit mit unserem (+) Netzwerk von Kreativschaffenden und qualifizierten Produktionspartnern aus.

Bareis + Nicolaus is a multimedia design studio for visual communication based in Stuttgart and Hamburg – founded by Dipl. Des. Felix Bareis & Dipl. Des. Christian Nicolaus. As graduates of the State Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Stuttgart, we have been working together on graphic and experimental projects since 2011.

Since 2018 we have been working with our customers on various design projects in the fields of art, culture and economy. Together we develop a clear, modern visual language with a focus on materiality and typography.

Our design process is characterized by a strong strategic-conceptual basis and a close cooperation with our (+) network of creative professionals and qualified production partners.

Studio für Visuelle Kommunikation

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Down 2 Dance – Manuel Darquart